Visual Identity

This year we will have been working eighteen years, linking up business and companies around the world, providing innovative products and solutions efficiently and sustainably. We focus on four pillars to support this growth: people, technology, finance and the market. To mark the occasion and celebrate it with us, we are inviting you to see our new visual identity.

  • Featured products selected for the brazilian market.
  • Intern and extern sales force fully dedicated for the best customer experience
  • Specialized trade marketing dedicated for the good performance on product at the shelf.
  • Compliance with brazilian rules for labeling all the products sold in brazlian market.
+55 (51) 99582-5478
  • Specialist in Fast-moving Consumer Goods and globally recognized brands.
  • Customized projects for importers and retailers
  • Special labeling projects
+55 (51) 99832-6649
  • Launching brands domestically and abroad
  • Own brand development
+55 (51) 99832-6649
Reinforcing the idea that,
whatever you do,
Berto is for you.

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