Aiming to support micro and small companies in access to new markets and products, Berto Internacional provides support services for import and export business for different products. In globalization times, access to the international market is fundamental to promote new business opportunities and the growth of organizations, becoming potential commercial partners.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods or Consumer Packaged Goods are products that are sold quickly and that are present in all grocery stores and retail stores. The growing desire and the capacity of consumers to seek better offers and services to meet their needs makes FMCG a challenge in international commerce.

Berto International has a variety of products of Brazilian and international origin in the FMCG segment and with that it is able to meet the needs of customers all over the world through exports and also, in the national market, with imports. Products of brands that are known and consumed worldwide are offered, as well as fresh items, packaging customization services and labeling in a wide variety of languages. Negotiations present a competitive value and excellent service.

The Berto products portfolio has been exported to more than 15 countries for over 10 years and it is constantly being updated with the inclusion of new products and services. The main goal is to always promote a positive customer experience.

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